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 ICF Minnesota September 2017 Webinar Registration 

September 14, 2017

12-1 p.m.

The 5 Knowledge Centers – Bringing Human BEING back to the HUMAN Being

What does it mean to be a full human being? What limiting assumptions do we hold about ourselves as a species that are ripe for disruption? What might be possible if we embraced the whole “human being” in our organizations and communities?

In this dynamic webinar you will learn about The 5 Knowledge Centers.
1. Head – This knowledge center focuses on leveraging the power of reason
2. Heart – This knowledge center focuses on leveraging the power of love
3. Hands – This knowledge center focuses on leveraging the power of action
4. Gut – This knowledge center focuses on leveraging the power of intuition
5. Groin – This knowledge center focuses on leveraging the power of passion
+ Nature – The 5 knowledge centers find their full expression in a dynamic relationship with the environment.

This class is about Whole Mind/Fully Embodied Leadership, Coaching, and Team Coaching.


Eric Kohner is an internationally recognized executive coach, trainer, keynote speaker and pioneer in the coaching profession. He is currently a senior trainer for the Coaches Training Institute. Eric enjoys icon status in the business due, in part, to his fearlessness in calling people forth for the sake of their learning and leadership. A catalyst for leadership excellence across cultures, Eric has delivered training programs on five continents. Prior to becoming a coach and leadership trainer, Eric worked for 20 years in the entertainment industry appearing on stage as well as in film and television. Eric has broken new ground in leadership development by applying his acting expertise to his work. His latest endeavor is the 5 Knowledge Centers which he has co-created with his partners Pim Harder and Krister Lowe of the Team Coaching Zone. Eric was born in NYC and was a taxi driver in the Big Apple early on in his acting career. He still carries a New York edge from those days, which he uses in service of his clients’ transformation. Eric currently lives in Pasadena, California with his wife and daughter.

ICF Minnesota September 2017 In Person Meeting Registration 

6-6:30 p.m. Social Time  6:30-8:30 p.m. Program

Gaston Awards

Tuesday, September 26th, 2017 is an evening to celebrate one of our own. 
The Gaston Award is a very special award within ICF Minnesota. This award honors its namesake, Elaine Gaston, and those who have won it since its inception. It sets the stage for those who will win it for years to come; for their contributions to our profession and for the legacy these individuals continue to create. 
Since the very beginning – before it was ICF Minnesota, before it was the Minnesota Coaches’ Association – when it was just a few coaches gathering together in her office space, Elaine Gaston has shown us the way. We are grateful to have had such a wise visionary give us such a wonderful foundation and seek to follow her lead.
This year, we honor a new recipient for distinguished service in the world of coaching. While this award is given annually, it is more than an acknowledgement of the year. The Gaston Award goes beyond recent contributions and encompasses and recognizes a coach’s body of work over the course of their coaching lifetime. Please join us on the evening of September 26th, 2017 in celebrating our recipient this year for this amazing coach’s selfless service, leadership and legacy.
AND, because we are coaches, in addition to honoring our new recipient, we will spend some time looking at where we are in our coaching journey, what we need to make the impact we desire to make, and challenge the limits of our vision for our own legacy.

The meeting will be held at
Embassy Suites Minneapolis Airport
7901 34th Ave South, 
Bloomington, MN 55425

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ICF Minnesota was founded in 1996 and is a Chartered Chapter of the Global International Coaches Federation (ICF). The intention is to serve all Minnesota coaches, including non-ICF coaches, (Colleagues). All are welcome here. It is a vibrant community of both internal coaches within organizations and external coaches who own their own businesses.

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COACHING is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

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The ICF is a global organization dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting high professional standards, providing independent certification, and building a network of credentialed coaches. The ICF exists to support and advance the coaching profession through programs and standards supported by members and to be an authoritative source on coaching information and research for the public.

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